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Portal Panic Portal Panic

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This game felt very rushed. The character models really weren't that fun to look at, enemies included, and the characters themselves felt unbalanced. Tankman, for example, is immediately rendered useless once you acquire Pico, whose rapid fire attacks can easily dispatch enemies that originally required two annoying slow shotgun blasts from Tankman. Now, if this were served as a means of progressing that player that would be fine, but you're expected to actually continue using him even though he comes off as the weakest character. You could have easily made Tankmen's blast dispatch enemies in one hit which would not only serve as making him a viable character option for later in the game, but would also ease in new players by having a character that doesn't take a lot of finesse to use. The fact that you also don't show any sign that you're doing damage to enemies is another thing that really annoyed me, especially during the last boss. Probably the most infuriating thing about this game is your inability to aim up or down, I'm trying not to be too harsh here, but really I don't think this game was all that good. Maybe if you all playtested it more then you could have seen the flaws in your game easier.

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Elephant Quest Elephant Quest

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great game, some flaws.

Jmptb02 I love all of your elephant game. They had a simple design, good execution, and an adorable main character, but what might have been an amazing game was held back by the UI. You start of the game with no clue what to do until you are told your abilities by the other elephant's, great job, but for the most confusing part of the game you are told only through text based menus on how to start.

Figuring out how to work the ingenious leveling system isn't a fun task, but a pain. What may have worked would be a zoom in on the beginning at the start and then reveal the rest once the player is told how it all works, instead of them staring in awe at the giant maze before them.

The UI is really nice looking, but it distracts the player from the action. When you are shooting down several enemies in a crowded space and you have to look away from the action to see your health that time spent looking away could mean certain doom. It also crowds the screen at times when the little speech bubble like thing appears on the enemies, you should have kept it only with the elephant's and display the information overhead of the enemies.

(Other then that it is amazing.)

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NG Chat NG Chat

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Pretty funny

It was a good joke and a great teaching lesson for those stupid enough to actually put their real username and password on. I typed "doyouthink" for username, and "imthatstupid" for password and logged in on it to see the message at the end.

BO: The Secret of Steel BO: The Secret of Steel

Rated 5 / 5 stars

to get past the first boss

you need to avoid his club then quickly jump on his club he pulls club up and hit his head as you are flung into the air.

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BO: Secret of Steel Demo BO: Secret of Steel Demo

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Simply amazing

This by far is the best flash ever Ive played so far, the brilliant one button control is great, the amount of ways you can attack an enemy is awesome, and the color scheme was amazing. My suggestions for the next, Perhaps you could have more than one weapon and have the secondary use the shift button, and medals would be really nice as well.

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Twelve Towers Twelve Towers

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good but...

It's a good game but it seems to childish and cartoon like and needs a more gritty style. It's really good it's just that repetitive shoot the enemy's move on is not a very good quality style I think you should have clickable spells and add more features, it's only 5 mb so there's a lot you can add.

ffgameplayer responds:

Thanks for the comment. What other features do you suggest?